Grass Fed Whey and Vegan Protein in Thailand is the best online store to buy high quality, unflavored protein powder in Thailand. We only sell pure whey protein, vegan protein (pea and soy), as well as pure marine collagen powder.

If you’re looking for the highest quality protein to fuel your active lifestyle, then you’ve come to the right place! We only offer four exclusive products because we believe in quality over quantity. Our protein powders contain only the purest ingredients. This means that our protein powders contain no additives, fillers, artificial flavors, artificial colors, sweeteners or toxic chemicals.

Organic Rice Protein

Organic rice protein made from whole grain brown rice. The rice is first sprouted and fermented. After this, the protein is carefully extracted in a low temperature process to maximize the protein content and quality.

Organic Hemp Protein

Organic hemp protein made in Canada. It is a super high quality vegan protein with a high contents of dietary fiber, zinc, iron and magnesium.

Why To Buy Protein Powder? Protein provides your body with energy. It rebuilds muscles, which keep you lean and strong. It also boosts your metabolism and protects your body against aging and various diseases.

Pure protein isolate is absorbed quickly and easily into the body. All of its components are completely usable for the human body. Protein doesn’t give you extra calories or fat either. Our protein powders can go anywhere with you. They don’t require refrigeration and they easily mix with any type of liquid. Did we mention that our products taste great, too? is Better Stores that sell protein often offer an assortment of products. These products tend to have conflicting claims and advertising. They are also loaded with a variety of fillers, additives and sweeteners.

With Thai Protein, this is not the case. We offer four exclusive handpicked products, each of which are of the highest quality. We also supply our customers with valuable information that help you decide which protein is best for you.

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